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Benefits of Wearable Technology for your Team

January 19, 2021

As the Internet of Things (IoT) has become more prevalent in recent years, we are finally starting to tap into the potential of wearable technology. Surely, many organizations are still wondering... how can we use wearable technology or what is connected safety? 

A growing number of organizations are beginning to unlock the benefits, which are particularly advantageous when used in conjunction with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other safety gear.

The advantages of wearable technology extend to all levels of an organization. Team members, small unit leaders, and senior leadership have access to different but complementary benefits. Let's review how this emerging technology is a force multiplier and an essential investment for any safety-conscious organization.

Benefits for Team Members

A firefighter wearing a FireHUD wearable armband that monitors core temperature, exertion, and heart rate


Frontline personnel are the primary users of wearable technology. The direct benefit to team members is their safety, including the peace of mind gained from knowing others are looking out for them. Whether your team is in the military protecting our freedom abroad or first responders keeping us safe at home, everyone needs to know they are supported.

Wearables can provide detailed information on each individual, such as temperature, heart rate, exertion, and more. Often, team members' dedication on the frontline focuses their attention on the matter at hand rather than their own wellbeing. With technology keeping track of an individual’s biometrics, team members can spend less time thinking about their health and more time keeping their focus on the mission at hand.

Benefits for Small Unit Leaders

A commander viewing a dashboard showing the location and exertion level of their team


Situational awareness is critical to small unit leaders. From day-to-day military operations to rescue teams entering a burning building, leaders must stay focused on the dangers around their teams. Wearable technology provides the freedom for leaders to protect their people even while monitoring what is going on around them.

Additionally, many wearables can also track the location of team members. A leader is not able to be everywhere their team is. Especially in environments where the situation is chaotic, wearables can offer a degree of control. Having the capability to monitor biometrics, location, and other parameters is key to situational awareness and is a force multiplier.

Benefits for Senior Leaders

A diagram portraying how connected safety allows organizations to increase safety and data collection


Wearables offer senior leaders more benefits than any other group. While all organization levels benefit from the immediate biometric and location recording benefits of the technology, senior leadership can access even more powerful aspects of the technology. Analytical tools help to identify trends, help individuals stay within compliance to standards, and provide information which can be used to brief team members for improved safety practices.

By analyzing the data collected from wearables, trends can be identified that may not have otherwise been apparent. People exerting themselves beyond safe levels, injuries related to specific tasks, or collecting the number of hours worked are easy to determine using the technology.

Some of the more advanced systems provide data in real-time and allow leaders to set alerts to avoid placing people in unsafe conditions. These features help to improve worker morale, lower insurance & medical costs, increase efficiency, and can be used to develop standard operating procedures.


The list of benefits from wearable technology is extensive. If you are serious about improving your organization, especially from a safety standpoint, investing in this technology is a must. Speak with a professional to learn more about how you too can benefit from all these devices have to offer.

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