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About Us

At FireHUD, our vision is to enhance situational awareness so that preventable injuries never occur. We have been providing reliable, rugged, easy to use products to improve decision making for teams since our founding in 2016.

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FireHUD BioTrac Platform

Original FireHUD Heads Up Display

Our Story

In 2016, while students at Georgia Tech we originally set out to enhance the situational awareness of firefighters through the use of a heads-up display. After receiving funding from the National Science Foundation in 2018, we built around 30 heads-up displays and put them in the hands of select fire departments to trial.

At the same time we attended a National Fallen Firefighter Foundation (NFFF) conference which was crucial in shaping FireHUD’s design to be more user-friendly and adoptable. At this conference we were able to show our heads-up display to fire chiefs from across the nation, and the keynote presentation was given by a fire chief who talked about his department’s experience with physiological monitoring and the problems current physiological systems encounter. Based on feedback from our trial sites and the NFFF conference, we decided to pivot to the armband wearable device that we sell today. Nine months later we had finished development of the first commercially-viable physiological monitoring platform tailored for first responders which we now call the BioTrac Platform. Since then, we have continued to deploy our system to teams that require an easy to use product to monitor their biometrics. We have deployed our system across the globe to first responders, the military, and to various industrial sites.

Who We Work With

Since day one, our mission has been to "Protect our Protectors." First responders and other frontline workers put their lives on the line every day in dangerous jobs where overexertion and heat stress injuries are common. To date we have worked around the globe with first responders, military personnel, and industrial workers of various backgrounds to provide technology that can make their jobs safer. Read more about our deployments here or contact us today to learn how we can empower your organization with biometric technology.