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Vital Data in Real Time

FireHUD alerts officials when their responders reach high exertion rates through its web application.

Incident Commander Application Health Monitoring

FireHUD Web Application

Post-Incident Analysis

FireHUD also tracks responder’s data for in-depth analysis of personal and department-wide statistics.

Firefighting fitness health data

Example Post-Incident Report

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Everyday, firefighters risk their lives to protect others. FireHUD believes it is time for a technological revolution in firefighter safety and will strive to fulfill its goal: “Protecting our Protectors.” Since its founding by two Georgia Tech students in 2015, FireHUD has created a real-time monitoring system and Heads Up Display (HUD) that displays biometric and environmental data to firefighters and outside officials.

Firefighting is chaotic. The leading cause of injury and death in firefighting is due to overexertion and heart attacks. Through the collection of critical biometric markers such as heart rate and body temperature, FireHUD creates a personalized profile that diagnoses and predicts exertion and stamina levels of individual firefighters throughout each fire operation.

With FireHUD, the incident commander and other authorized officials can monitor their entire responding department’s biometrics during a fire incident. This provides the incident commander critical information about their team and immediately alerts each firefighter when they are in danger. Minutes after each incident, authorized personnel will receive a detailed diagnostic report showing the combined and individual biometrics of each firefighter, allowing firefighters and departments to keep track of their fitness levels.

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